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The Finest Brunch in Geneva

Experience culinary excellence every weekend at Living Room Bar and Kitchen. Our à-la-carte brunch showcases the finest and ingredients and chef's creations, all while you enjoy the awe-inspiring backdrop of Lake Geneva and the majestic Alps.


11 AM - 3 PM

Brunch Bliss at Living Room Bar and Kitchen

Brunch Bliss

Embrace serenity at Living Room Bar and Kitchen, where a cozy ambiance awaits amidst a tranquil residential charm. With a picturesque lakeside view that enchants in sunshine, fog, or rain, this spot promises an enchanting escape for a delightful weekend brunch affair.
Rediscovering Classics

Rediscovering Classics

Notable for serving the finest brunch in Geneva, our Chef reimagines beloved classics. Indulge in delightful variations, featuring mouthwatering avocado toast, nourishing granola bowls, and irresistible homemade waffles that never fail to delight the senses.
Brunch Beyond Boundaries: Gastronomic Delights Await

Beyond Boundaries

Our menu proudly presents gastronomic delights like the exquisite Jura Trout Ceviche, harmonizing Citrus Leche de Tigre, complemented by Blackberries, and accentuated with a tantalizing Cucumber Jelly and Jalapeños. Explore beyond tradition and savor the artistry of an elevated Brunch experience.